Our Strengths

Our ability to stock excellent meat based on our strengths as a meat wholesaler

Kobe Aburi Bokujyo is operated by a meat wholesaler composed of a group of meat industry professionals that provide restaurants and meat retailers nationwide with wholesale meat and also export Wagyu beef. These professionals possess the right to participate in auctions at wholesale meat markets throughout Japan, which they personally visit to check the conditions of carcasses and producers before purchasing beef one head at a time. Purchasing whole carcasses enables us to select reliable producers, and provide highly fresh, delicious meat while greatly eliminating intermediate margins.

Our closely-guarded homemade sauce

We are committed to making our homemade sauce by hand, and we make our refrigerated fresh sauces in-house.
Please be sure to try our ‘magic homemade sauce,’ which is not available anywhere else. We season our famous specialty Kobe Yakisoba with our homemade sauce.

Seasonings that go well with each cut

Different seasonings go well with different cuts of meat. All of our cuts of meat are labeled with one of four colors (white, light brown, brown, or red) to indicate the optimal seasonings.

White label: Goes well with salt and wasabi

神戸牛 上ロース

Light brown label: Goes well with pale soy sauce

神戸牛 特上ランプ

Brown label: Goes well with our homemade sauce

神戸牛 カルビ

Red label: Indicates some other seasoning; Details are provided in both English and Japanese

塩&レモン 塩タン Salt&Lemon

塩 嬉嬉豚 とんとろ Salt

そのまま 黒毛和牛 山椒焼き As it is

Serving ideas

Kobe beef Special Loin Kobe beef Galbi (Rib Meat)

Salted Tongue

Ceramic Roaster

It is important to maintain the right temperature to grill delicious barbecued meat. On average, ceramic roasters keep the temperature at a high of 200 degrees, so the umami flavor of the meat is not lost.

Please be sure to check this page because the way you grill your meat will make a big difference in how it tastes.

How to grill meat to bring out the most flavorHow to grill meat to bring out the most flavor

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